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PC-Protechs provides computer repair services for home users and businesses.  Our experienced technicians provide in-depth technical evaluations and cost effective solutions to get you back to using your devices. 

Local and Remote Computer Repair

Threat Removal

Our experienced technicians and powerful tools can remove virus and malware infections that affect your computer's performance and security. With over 30 powerful tools and processes, we identify and remove malware, junkware, trojans, viruses, adware, ransomware, rootkits, potential unwanted programs, and much more.

PC Speed Up

What does "slow" mean? We know that "slow computer speeds" in general could mean slow internet, slow boot, slow program start, or anything else that is wasting YOUR time. Don't waste any more and let us hyper-boost your computer for you!

Part Replacement​

We can help find and replace parts inside your computer. Whether you are looking for a new power supply or a solid state hard drive, we provide multiple options so you can make the choice that fits your needs.

Fast and Local Tech Support

We hire friendly and knowledgeable support technicians that are locally based. They can support you at our locations, at your location, or over the web.

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Computer Issues


A form of malware that encrypts the users data. Instructions will appear on the machine which allow the user to pay a ransom for the keys to unlock. Typically in Bitcoin.

Hard Drive Failure

The hard drive stores the user data. There can be logical and physical problems that can slow or disable a computer. Hard drives that make strong "clicking" sounds will need a data recovery lab to attempt data retrieval.


A Keylogger monitors what the user of the device is doing or, more typically, typing. Scammers can use keyloggers to gather what you type and use that data to access your accounts.


Malicious software that can either slow or disable a system. Malware does things that are not intended by the user.

Memory RAM

Random Access Memory is the information space that is used by your device when it is on. Once the device turns off, what information that is stored in memory is lost. Not enough memory can slow your device. Typical home computers have between 4 and 8 GB of RAM and it is upgradeable.


Fans can become enveloped in dust and debris from the air. Fan motors fail and the fan needs replacement. Computers will slow if hot and most can detect and restrict use if overheating.

Power Supply Failure

Device will either not turn on or may turn off during use. Replacement of the part as a whole is best and most cost effective.


Ransomware is a form of Malware. User must pay a ransom to either not have data published or have data unlocked or returned.


Worms and trojan horses are examples of viruses. Capable of self replicating and can not only slow your computer down but also steal your valuable data.