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Manitowoc Location office closed

What happened to PC-Protechs Manitowoc Office Storefront?

The PC-Protechs Manitowoc office is closed!

So last week you may have noticed that the PC-Protechs sign was no longer on the building located at 2902 Calumet Ave in Manitowoc. 

The short answer is that we had to move due to issues with the ownership of that building.

If you are interested in the longer version, let us give you the scoop of the last year of PC-Protechs.

Early of 2019, we received an opportunity to join one of our clients in the building in Manitowoc. Prior to this we were in Whitelaw, Wisconsin for five and a half years. Although we appreciated our Whitelaw location, the people around us, and our clients, we needed growth. Moving to Manitowoc with the right opportunity would be our chance to see what we got. So we made the move.

Moving a business is not easy but there were instant results.  Our google search rankings increased and we gained lots of new clientele. We also learned about what kind of company we needed to be and we began shifting to a newer model of business. 

Fast forward to January of 2020, the building we were in was put up for sale (from what we know) and we were told to leave. This situation could have killed our business if we weren’t already planning our next move. Although some were not happy by the news, we will never be angry or sad about this situation…period. Why? Because this was an opportunity and the risks involved were calculated.  Although events didn’t turn out completely as planned, we still thank those who gave us the awesome opportunity to be at this location. We learned from our experiences and we grew from it.

From 2013 to 2019, we had a storefront, we helped every walk in right away, and treated everything as an emergency. Today, we no longer have a storefront, we are by appointment only, and emergencies are there but addressed accordingly. In the coming weeks, you will begin to see a shift on this website towards appointments and scheduling. We also leaned up the business by removing some services and not stockpiling parts. This is key to our expansion. Keeping our business as digital and simple as possible has made us very mobile and productive. 

Although we no longer have a storefront, we do have an office yet and are working on getting another.  Right now we are working out of Green Bay, Wisconsin. We received an opportunity to have an office here and we will be here for at least a year. We are working on getting a new Manitowoc office but we don’t have a timeline for it as of yet.  Our official business address is in Manitowoc yet and you can mail us at:

PC-Protechs LLC

PO Box 781

Manitowoc, WI 54221

If you would like to schedule an appointment, please complete the service form here:

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